Welcome to bomarr.net!
This is the first official, non-MySpace/social networking home for Bomarr news, info etc.

I guess I should start off with some news…..

I’ve been completing remixes non-stop lately.  Most recently, I finished remixes for Seamonster (whose new EP + bonus free remix EP can be pre-ordered from Gold Robot here), Cars and Trains (for his remix record The Roots, The Remix…out now), and The Delta Mirror (who share a label with Neon Indian, and whose record comes out March 16).  Up next, remixes for Bear In Heaven (Home Tapes) and Diamond Rings.  Once those are done, my plan is to head full steam into working on my first proper “solo” record, although you’ll be seeing lots of guests showing up on it. Some familiar names, some unfamiliar.  I’m getting pretty excited about it.

I’ve recently made a lot of my older, out of print releases available digitally, which you can find in the STORE.  The most recent addition is the Live at the Chapel of the Chimes release I recorded with Telephone Jim Jesus, which has never been available digitally before.  I’ve also added a hardly-heard mix I put together for WFMU a couple of years back.

I have a few different ways for you to keep track of me over there on the left under the Bomarr Blog icon. Feel free to follow me everywhere.

There’ll be more to come, but for now, browse around, check out some free mp3’s in the MEDIA section, grab some free downloads or cheap CD’s in the store, and read up on all there is to know about me.